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About the new menu:  Let us just tell you, our love affair with pizza is getting steamy!  Over the last couple of menu renditions, we've really honed our skills and our taste buds!  So, this time around we added some things we just knew you'd love, some things we really love, all of the things you've been asking for and some things that round out our menu just right.  We made room for all your favorites and some of ours.  

Keep an eye on those new specialty pizzas, flatbreads, and craveable apps!  

We love them, so we know you will too.  Us foodies have to stick together.  


We'll keep it hot in here and you keep letting us know what you love best about what we do!

Uptown Omni

Uptown Omni

Chicken Wing Ding Pizza

New Menu coming


2018 Menu

Mac n' Cheese Pizza

Margherita (Fresh Basil)Specialty Pizza

Hot & Spicy Sub