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From Scratch...

At D’Tutanelli’s Pizza, we’ve dreamed up everything you see and order. 

Dan and I have worked tirelessly to make that dream come to life.  From the vacant shell in the pictures below, we dreamed up and envisioned every pepperoni of our pizza dream.  We've made every sacrifice imaginable to make it here and while it's not perfect, it's ours to work at every day and we're thankful for the opportunity.    


Our original dream has taken on many shapes and forms since we set out to tackle the pizza world.  Yet, one thing has remained constant… how important YOU are to us and our business. 


We can’t do this day in and day out without you.  We really appreciate your hard work and dedication over the years, it has meant the world to us and it is what has brought this dream to a reality. 


The pandemic has been especially hard on all of us and for a great deal of time we've been holding out hope that things are 'going back to normal'.  Now we're past being able to lean on that notion, so we're preparing for the 'new normal' that's coming and this is where we're starting.


We hope the foot that we're using to step forward is to your liking.  We took great effort to devise plans that balance work commitments with overall life plans.  We value your contributions to the D'Tutanelli's dream, so join us while we step outside of the 'industry' box.  We've dreamed up our own plans to all of this along and we're not stopping now.  We're just getting started.

Thank you for joining us on this crazy ride.  

Below are some pictures we thought you might enjoy of the shops before we made them our home.  The link below will take you to the 'Corresponding Pay Plan' Pages where you'll find the beginning of our new vision and your path forward.

Image by Charles Deluvio
Image by Charles Deluvio

Pay Plan Pages

Please note: 

Pay plan selection may be affected by availability and personal skill set.  Plans are set to go into affect on or before the Nov. 8th, 2021 pay period.  Vacation accrument begins Oct. 1st , 2021.


Amherst Dining Room-Pre Porch Doors

Amherst Dining Room-Stone Wall

Amherst Kitchen-Pre Equipment

Amherst Dining Room

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Avon Entryway

Avon Exterior