How Much Pizza Do I Need?

We get asked that all of the time. We’re here to give you some answers, but first, you need to answer a couple of questions.

1. How many people are you expecting to feed? 2. Are you leaving room for error^^^? 3. Who is your audience? 4. Is pizza the primary dish? Will there be other food? 5. What time of day is your event or party?

So, let’s get into it!

How may people are you expecting to feed?

Clearly, how many people you’re feeding will have a huge impact on how much food you need. It’s the MOST important question, actually. If you have a number of how many you’re feeding we can easily ballpark the amount of pizza you’ll need without any other information. It’s a quick and easy way to plan your party or event and budget appropriately from the start.

Are you leaving room for error (regarding how many people you are expecting to fee)?

Is your event a strict RSVP? Or can anyone invited show up without having RSVP’d? Can your guests bring other guests? What if someone that did RSVP prior to the event now cannot make it? These are all valid questions when you’re determining how much pizza to order for an event or party. A good hostess/host always adequately feeds their guests. Planning for the unexpected is challenging but doable with a little finesse. It’s kind of why we do No Wait Sheet Pizzas! We know that party planning can be tough and running out of food or buying more last minute can make a good host go crazy!

Who is your audience?

This question is very important. A small group of teenagers will typically eat much more than a large gathering of ladies for a baby shower. A 5-year-old child’s party commands less pizza than a 10-year old’s. It’s all in WHO you’re feeding.

In most instances, we can help you estimate your pizza needs based on your overall group, but sometimes you’ll want to be more selective by breaking down the ‘subset’ of groups within your party. You can easily determine if half of a child’s birthday party is made up of kids and the other half adults. You may want to break a graduation party into quarters for older friends and family, adults, teenagers and children. A fundraiser or church event might be similar to a graduation party, whereas a bridal shower might be broken into a group of two compromised of women and children. Any way you want to break it down, having an idea of who your audience is and how large their group is in relation to the overall party will give us a much more rounded idea of how to help you plan to feed your guests.

Is pizza the primary dish? Will there be other food?

What is on your menu? Is pizza the main dish? Will there be other foods or just chips and snacks? These things will have an immediate impact on your pizza needs. If you have other foods beyond snacks your pizza needs will be lessened because people will be more full from eating other foods as well as the pizza. If you’re having pizza as the main dish and snacks and chips, etc. as ‘filler’ then you will need more pizza so that your guests are properly fed. Time Saving Tip: If you’re trying to keep your planning efforts in line so that you’re not bombarded with day-of errands to run, but you don’t want to get too fussy with other main dishes and foods, you can add pizza-friendly foods like salads, party-sized cheesesticks, and 15” subs that you can cut into smaller pieces to add items to your menu, while keeping the time demands down.

What time of day is your event or party?

THIS QUESTION IS CRUCIAL. The answer to this question and how you precede to plan for it will make or break your party or event quicker than how many people you’re feeding. What time of day is your event or party? Why is that even important? Because people are hungry and rushing around to get ready to go to your party and they don’t feed themselves. This is especially true if your party or event is closer to lunch or dinner time. If you’re having a party between 11:30-1:30pm and 4:30-7:00pm, just expect that people will be a little hungrier and eat a little more than they would at a party at say 3:00pm. It’s an easy fix to add on a little extra pizza to plan accordingly for hungry guests, and it’s better to do it during planning stages than to misjudge your needs and have to order more or run out. Properly fed guests=happy guests=better party-goer reviews of the hostess/host.

Events and party planning are very challenging tasks and can be rewarding when properly executed. Who doesn’t love the feeling of glee after you knock the ball out of the park with a great party? Knowing your guests were fed properly is icing on the cake. Sitting down to prepare the answers to these questions in advance will save you time and money on the back end. Not knowing the answers to the questions can cause you a great deal of grief and anxiety on the day of your event.

Don’t wait until then to figure out what you need. Hosting a great gathering takes a great deal of planning, a little bit of patience and a lot of help. We can help.

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