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Back for thE 2022
Football season:

the Tailgating Box!


Details Below:

Half-Sheet Pizza

We are offering a Half-Sheet sized pizza exclusively in out Tailgating Box.  We hook it up with one standard topping included.  Toppings are on top for all of our Party Pizzas.  It's cut into 20 pieces and will feed a lot of people or a whole lot of people based on how hungry your people are.


Picture this... CheeseSticks and Breadsticks go out on a date... unchaperoned (gasp).  Filler, filler, they have a baby... ENTER: 'BreadySticks'.  These are all the goodness of our Cheesy CheeseSticks coupled with the soft, garlicky, parmesan-y flavor of our Breadsticks and there's plenty to go around.  These are available only in the Tailgating Box and for a limited time.

Boneless Wings-20pc

This^^^^.  But, also this>>>  Available as any wing flavor.

Dipping Cups

No one sauce does it all, so we did three!  

  • Red Sauce

  • Ranch Dressing

  • Spicy Ranch Dressing


Quick.  Easy.  Done.

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